Part 1: NFL TBI Recovery. Bob Costas Says NFL/Football Destroys Brains

As far as longtime sports broadcaster Bob Costas is concerned, the future of football in the United States is clear — and bleak. “The reality is that this game destroys people’s brains,” he said Tuesday night. “The cracks in the foundation are there,” Costas said. “The day-to-day issues, as serious as they may be, they may come and go. But you cannot change the nature of the game. I certainly would not let, if I had an athletically gifted 12- or 13-year-old son, I would not let him play football.” Costas said the NFL’s apparent defense mechanism — to seek more information and continue to study the dangers of the sport — will only hurt its own cause. “The more information (that) comes out, the worse it looks,” the 28-time Emmy Award winner said. He added that existing literature and research will eventually lead families to what he called a “common-sense conclusion,” that children should not play tackle football until they’re 18, if they play at all. (