Ravens Family Hoping For A TBI Recovery After Alleged Assult By Raider Fans

The family of 55-year-old Joseph Bauer, who was beaten at Sunday’s Ravens game and hospitalized, reported encouraging signs from the hospital Tuesday. * The Jessup man remains in critical condition with a brain injury, but he has given a thumbs-up at the request of doctors. * “We have been encouraged by some signs we believe indicate he recognizes his wife,” said Susan Bauer, his sister. “The trauma doctor said she is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about his progress and he is trending in the right direction.” * Joseph Bauer, however, continues to breathe on a respirator, she said. The Ravens season-ticket holder suffered a severe brain injury at the game. * Police charged two men from New York with assault, and Ravens Coach John Harbaugh called the alleged attack “absolutely inexcusable.” * Nappi told police that the men argued, and Bauer threw a bottle that hit Smith in the head, police said in charging documents. Only plastic and aluminum bottles are sold at the stadium. * Nappi told police he punched Bauer in the face, police said. Bauer’s wife, Sharon, told police Smith shoved Bauer to the ground and he hit his head. * Bauer was knocked unconscious. (