One HS/College Athletic Activity Has a Higher TBI Rate in Practice Then Competition.

When it comes to concussions in high school sports, there is good news and bad news, a new study suggests.  “These results matter for all stakeholders involved in high school sports: parents, coaches, athletes, as well as researchers,” said Avinash Chandran, a post-doctoral research associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who was an author of the study.
Only one sport had a concussion rate higher in practice than in competition: cheerleading.
The researchers noted in the study that where and how cheerleaders practice could play a role in that finding, but more research is needed.
“For instance, unfortunately, not all states recognize cheerleading as a sport — which may impact the conditions in which cheer squads may practice,” Chandran said, which could be in hallways or on asphalt, putting them at higher risk of concussion.
“It is also possible that cheer squads have less access to medical care and coaching support than other high school sports,” he said, referring to the observed patterns in practice.(