New NFL Season Brings TBI Concerns From Paul Hornung (Helmets Didn’t Protect Players In My Day) TBI Recovery Slim

Former Packers running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Paul Hornung retired long before concussions were a major topic in the NFL, but, as we’ve learned over the years, not before they took a toll on the players who suffered them. In a lawsuit filed against helmet maker Riddell in Cook County (Illinois) Circuit Court on Thursday, Hornung says that the company failed to properly warn him that the company’s helmets “provided no protection” against concussions and other brain trauma. He is seeking damages of at least $50,000. “Prior to, during and after Paul Hornung’s N.F.L. football career, Riddell knew of the harmful long-term effects of brain traumas sustained by football players while wearing Riddell’s supposed protective equipment; however, it misrepresented and concealed these facts from Paul Hornung,” the complaint said, via the New York Times. (