Music Therapy Can Help With TBI Recovery

Did you know that TBI music therapy can help you overcome many of your TBI side effects. It’s true! Music therapy for TBI patients is a great way to boost your recovery and can help improve your memory, attention, and other cognitive skills. It can even improve your motor learning and language skills, which will help you relearn how to walk and talk after a brain injury.

However, with the arrival of brain imaging technology, scientists were able to confirm what many instinctively knew: that music positively affects the brain. In fact, music is one of the only sensory experiences that activates every area of the brain!

This has huge implications for brain injury patients since one of the main goals in TBI recovery is to stimulate the brain and activate neuroplasticity (i.e. the brain’s natural mechanism for healing itself). The more your brain is stimulated, the more neural pathways are formed in response to that stimulation until eventually abilities are recovered.

Interestingly, even when a brain injury is so severe that a person is unable to speak, they can usually still sing! The reason people can do this is because singing engages the right side of the brain. In contrast, speaking utilizes the left side.

Music therapy can also improve cognitive function, especially in the areas of memory, attention and concentration. Studies show that learning lists through singing activates the temporal and frontal lobes on both sides of the brain, while spoken-word learning activates only the left side.(