HS Football Player Dies After TBI, No TBI Recovery Possible.

Tyler Christman, a 14-year-old JV football player at Carthage High School in Carthage, New York, died on Tuesday after suffering a severe head injury and collapsing during a weekend football game against West Genesee High School.

No details have been revealed about the exact nature of the head injury, but his family confirmed on social media that Tyler was hurt during a game.
According to, surgery revealed “extensive brain damage.” A family member told CNY Central that Tyler was bleeding in the frontal cortex of his brain, causing massive swelling.

Before Tyler was taken off life support Tuesday, his family took part in a hero walk, a ceremonial event that honors patients before an organ donation. He died shortly after.

Four high school football players have died since April. Tyler Christman is at least the fourth high school football player nationwide to die of football related injuries or illness in the last six months. Two players, Ivan Hicks from Philadelphia and Jack Alkhatib of South Carolina, died over the summer after collapsing during practices.(