How Fake Can WWE Be? When It Leads To TBI/No TBI Recovery/Just Suicide.

Ashley Massaro died after apparently taking her own life, and in heart-wrenching accusations by the woman in the years leading up to her death, she blamed ongoing bouts of depression and multiple injuries on “routine repetitive blows” she suffered to the head while wrestling for the WWE.

Before her death, Ashley Massaro had been part of a class action lawsuit against the WWE, where 60 wrestlers accused the wrestling juggernaut of failing to protect its employees from repeated head trauma and concussions that eventually developed in long-term brain damage.

According to the affidavit, Massaro said she was never informed of the “long-term risks associated with concussions or repeated head trauma and I had never even heard the terms of TBI or CTE mentioned.”

She claims to have been “literally knocked out cold for five minutes,” and says afterward, “not only did I not receive treatment, but I was told to brush it off.” (