Giving your brain time to rest, helps with TBI Recovery.

With modern life so jam-packed with activities and stimulation, it is hard to completely unplug and relax. But that’s something our brain needs to repair and restore itself. The one (mostly) sure-fire place for our brain to go for some downtime is slumberland. That’s why it’s crucial to get enough sleep. “Our cognitive function is going to improve as a result. And you’ll feel better the next day because our brain cells are having a chance to rest and regenerate and replenish,” she said.

Sleep and napping aren’t the only ways to give your brain a break. Moving is also important. The exercise doesn’t have to be a walk in nature. The key is to detach from work and other activities that demand a lot of attention.

Victoria Garfield senior fellow at University College London says other activities that require less brain power: Watching television (but nothing work-related, Garfield emphasized) or even going grocery shopping. (Just don’t use electronics within an hour of going to bed at night. (CNN/