Eight Years Of TBI Recovery. Never Give Up Hope. Stay Strong. Love Your Family/ Friends Who Support You. TBI Recovery Is Possible

Dear Friends, Tonight is a special night. Another year for TBI Recovery. Eight years ago I suffered my accident….and after three weeks in a coma…I had to re-learn everything. How to walk, talk, eat, dress…reuse my weakened right side. Yet, I decided to not give up on life. I thank you all family and friends who care and view this site…I only want to help others get better. The future continues for me. As always, tonight I will stop by Henry Mayo Hospital ER ward (that initially saved my life) and brings donuts to the staff. I will never forget that they matter. As do all of you. And please remember, TBI recovery is possible…getting back to yourself is possible… but EFFORT is key. Good luck! Adam.