6 Year Old Girl Falls From Ferris Wheel – Suffers TBI

Dear Friends, many of our little ones love thrill rides. How do we as parents know the ride is safe? Are inspection records posted? Does the attendant look inolved or is he/she bored/asleep/texting? All we as parents can hope for, is that they are professionals in maintaining and caring for their rides. * Inspectors found a mechanical failure caused three children to plummet from a Ferris wheel at a Tennessee county fair, a police spokesman said Tuesday. * Greeneville police Capt. Tim Davis declined to go into specifics about the failure, saying the department is waiting on all the reports from the four inspectors reviewing the carnival ride. * Three girls — two sisters ages 6 and 10 and an older teenager, 16 — fell 35 to 40 feet after a basket overturned Monday on a Greene County Fair ride and dumped the occupants. * They were rushed to the Johnson City Medical Center. * Dr. J. Bracken Burns, a surgeon who is the hospital’s director of trauma services, told reporters Tuesday the 6-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury. (