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Phillies Fan Hurt After Being Hit In The Face By A Hot Dog! Luckily No TBI or TBI Recovery Needed.

Posted by on in TBI
b2ap3_thumbnail_Phillies-hot-dog-cannon.jpg Philadelphia Phillies fan Kathy McVay was injured after being hit in the face with a hot dog during Monday night's game against the St. Louis Cardinals, per Sarah Bloomquist of 6ABC. The Phanatic mascot launched the hot dog into the stands in between innings. "It just came out of nowhere. And hard," McVay said about the hot dog. "And then the next thing I know he shot it in our direction, and bam! It hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew." Although she didn't suffer a concussion, she ended up with a small hematoma in her eye and a bruised face. ( Continue reading
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Be Careful! TBI Can Result From ATV & Dirtbike Accidents

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b2ap3_thumbnail_atv-and-dirtbike.jpg This month we brought you the News-Times story of five different all-terrain vehicle accident injuries in the state of Maryland - that all happened in just one day. In the three separate accidents, all involving teens, ATVs, and dirt bikes, summer fun was suddenly replaced with tragedy as five young people were rushed to Cumberland Memorial hospital with serious head injuries. Why do ATVs and dirt bikes often lead to closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries? Often times, those riding off-road do not wear protective gear such as helmets. Helmets can significantly reduce the severity of a head injury, even if they cannot prevent head injuries altogether. Secondly, riding vehicles off-road also often means riding vehicles over bumps, rocks, and ditches - these varied terrains can make for a fun day of adventure and fun, but all too often these difficult paths can lead to vehicle rollovers and passenger ejection. Thirdly, riding an ATV or dirt bike off road mean that there are no official "rules of the road." In many cases, drivers have to decide for themselves what the speed limit is and what is considered reckless driving. Those on dirt bike courses may collide with each other. Those on ATVs may drive faster than is considered safe, resulting in serious injury. Finally, off-road vehicle drivers may try "stunts" with their ATVs or dirt bikes, sometimes involving jumps or other obstacles. All too often, these dare devil moments can lead to serious, debilitating, and even deadly head injuries and brain damage. ( Continue reading
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Animals That Live In National Parks Are Not Pets. Elk Kicks Woman In The Head! Possible TBI.

Posted by on in TBI
b2ap3_thumbnail_elk-wallpaper.jpg A woman visiting Yellowstone National Park was taken to the hospital Tuesday after the second elk attack on a human in three days. Penny Allyson Behr, 53, from Cypress, Texas, was walking between two cabins behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Wyoming when she was surprised to discover a female elk with a nearby calf, according to the National Park Service. Behr tried to back away but the elk kicked her in the head and body. "It’s very common for cow elk to aggressively defend newborn calves and hide them near buildings and cars," the Park Service said in a statement. "Be extra cautious anywhere elk and calves are present: approach blind corners slowly and maintain a safe distance." On Sunday, Charlene Triplett was also attacked by a female elk near the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel where she works. In this instance, the elk was protecting a calf hidden by cars, the Park Service said. The elk reared up and kicked Triplett several times in the head, back and torso. She was badly injured and flown to the trauma center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center about 150 miles away. The Park Service said it is unknown if the same elk was responsible for both attacks. ( Continue reading
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Therapy Leads To TBI Recovery - Which Leads To Adam's Story To Help Others

Posted by on in TBI
After Adam's accident he went back to school to earn a degree in Sociology from California State University at Northridge. Adam chose this major because of all the people who helped him recover, he wanted to give back and help people in similar situations.b2ap3_thumbnail_Stevenson-Ranch-cover_20180610-221958_1.jpg Continue reading
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A Surprise Sport is Ranking High For TBI and TBI Recovery

Posted by on in TBI
b2ap3_thumbnail_Greece-olympics-equestrian.jpg When we talk about brain injuries in sports, most people think about football, or possibly hockey. Maybe if you are more of a traditionalist you think of boxing, where chronic traumatic encephalopathy first started being recognized. These sports stay at the heart of the conversation of how to protect athlete’s brains. Despite this, a new study published in the journal Neurological Focus, says none of these sports are responsible for causing the most traumatic brain injuries. In fact, the sport which causes the most cases of TBI isn’t even a contact sport. It is horseback riding. According to data collected from the National Trauma Databank between 2003 and 2012, equestrian sports was by far the source of the highest percentage of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in adults. Nearly half (45.2%) of the TBI cases in the database were related to horseback riding, absolutely dwarfing contact sports related TBI’s which made up just 20.2 percent of TBIs. While this may be surprising if you’ve been following the news about brain injuries in the NFL, the researchers are sure to point out that equestrian sports have consistently been the highest risk for dangerous brain injuries compared to other sports. ( Continue reading
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